Dr PK Rajive

International and National Acheivements

Currently one of the senior most neonatologists of India with 30 years’ experience.

Certificate of exemplary performance given by Sydney University after obtaining Fellowship in Neonatology in 1991.Started Ventilatory care first time in Chennai in Child Trust Hospital Madras in 1991 .Subsequently started ventilator care first time in Kerala in 1992 . He was first to introduce High Frequency Ventilation in India in 1998. He saved the first 500 gram baby of 23 weeks gestation in india in 1997. His international invention of use of Viagra in blue babies saved thousands of babies 2002. He was professor of neonatology in Amrita Institute of medical sciences Kochin from 2002 to 2010. He was invited by NMC specialty hospital to develop the department from 2010, and has saved more than 2000 babies of 27 weeks gestation with 99 % survival. He finished tenure in NMC specialty in 2017. To date he has saved close to 25000 preterm babies with 93% survival above 26 weeks gestation.

The pioneer in Viagra treatment in Neonatology

Dr. P.K.Rajiv is a pioneer in the field of Neonatal care in India with 27 years of path breaking acheivements in his trail blazing career. His expertise in ventilatory care both conventional and innovative has rated him as one of the most outstanding specialists of the country. He has to his credit of starting neonatal ventilation FIRST TIME in Chennai in 1991. This was among the 5 main centres dealing with structured neonatal care in India at that time. He started ventilatory care for the FIRST TIME IN KERALA in 1993. His 24 bedded 3000 sq foot Neonatal unit at PVS Memorial Hospital Kochi was reported to be the biggest and most technologically advanced unit in the country having a survival of 93% above 24 weeks gestation.

He went on to start HIGH FREQUENCY VENTILATION IN INDIA in 1997 and perfected the technique . He introduced HFo first time to Karnataka at Mallya Hospital Bangalore 2000, by saving 32 weeks gestation twins who failed conventional ventilation. He was the first to SAVE A 500gm BABY born less than 24 weeks gestation in 1997, with a good neurological outcome. He was invited to start the most technologically advanced unit in the country at Amrita Insitute of medical sciences Kochi in 2002 . This is a 1500 bed university hospital with all subspecialities having national and international rating. He introduced BUBBLE CPAP first time in INDIA in June 2002.

His original work in use of VIAGRA in PULMONARY HYPERTENSION of newborn successfully in May 2002 was rated internationally and widely acclaimed. He wasTHE FIRST IN THE WORLD to use it successfully and develop guidelines for its use. It remains a life saving drug in this potentially fatal condition in developing countries. He was promoted to Professor of Neonatology in 2003 and developed fellowship programmes in Neonatology and diplomate in national board DNB neonatology. His unique survival of 94.5%of ventilated neonates was a national landmark.

His academic contribution was his best selling book CPAP BEDSIDE APPLICATION 2008 was the first book in he world on this techniquewith a review of 134 articles. It gave clear and comprehensive guidelines to beginners and practioners. Dr.Richard Polin reviewed it as an excellent primer on CPAP. Dr.Vinod Bhutani stanford university USA wrote I loved that book. Dr.Georg Simbrunner reviewed it as an elaborate and well structured comprehensive book. His next book ESSENTIALS OF NEONATAL VENTILATION 2017 is a comprehensive 900 page book covering all aspects of bedside management in detail, aimed at being a bedside resource book giving management guidelines based on avoiding lung injury and rationalising gentle ventilation and optimising the use of CPAP. Dr.Dharmapuri Vidyasagar university of Chicago has  accepted to be the co author 

Dr.Rajiv is currently head of the newborn intensive care unit at NMC Speciality Hospital Dubai where he was invited by he management to start the most technologically advanced unit in the region. He brings his expertise of 27 years in ventilatory care and the handling over 18000 critical babies, to he region. hIs facination for state of the art made him buy the most advanced neonatal ventilator VN 500 drager in Dubai in 2010 for the first time. he conducted the first conference on NEWBORN SCREENING in UAE in Dubai on April 2010. He was one of the two neonatologists invited by the cleveland clinic USA to deliver a lecture at the arab health conference in January 2012. He proposes to give a low cost proposal to the Government to optimise the care of babies with respiratory distress based on the successfully implemented proposal given to the health minister of Kerala in January 2010. He envisages a Arab board fellowship in Neonatology by 2013. More [+]
The 7th International Pediatric Conference
6th UHS and Pediatric and Neonatal international conference to be held on 8th & 9th Feb 2018

Essentials Of Neonatal Ventilation, Rajiv, Vidyasagar Satyan book release on 14 dec 2018 at 38th National Neonatology Annual Convention.


Guest Lectures


Dr Rajiv gave third main lecture on Thursday8 feb on Ventilator Associated Pneumonia VAP. This was a international regional conference with


Dr Rajiv was invited as faculty for the 37 Annual Neonatology Conference Delhi to give the presentation on Ventilator Associated Pneumonia( VAP )

Essentials of Neonatal Ventilation Textbook Released in Middle East


rajiv vidyasagar satyan 2018

It will be released in India on december 14 at the 38 national neonatology forum annual conference ( about 2500 neonatal practitioners) Minister of health will release this . President Modi scheduled to come for innauguration day

Dr Hakam Chairman Sharjah university of felicitating the book Essentials of Neonatal Ventilation Rajiv Vidyasagar Sathyan at the 8th Sharjah university neonatal and Pediatric conference

Achievements and Awards More

Recipient of the "Certificate of exemplary performance" from the Head of the Department of Perinatal Medicine, Westmead Hospital, Sydney (1991).

Member of the Editorial Board of the National Neonatology Forum's (NNF) publication (1994)

Member of the Ventilatory Panel of the National Neonatology Forum formed in 1995 and was asked to contribute in the Panel discussions to evolve guidelines to start Level III NICUs in the country (1995).

Recipient of the "National Health Excellence Award" of the World Economic Progress Society, New Delhi (1998)

Recipient of the "Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award" of the National Integration and Economic Council, New Delhi, for "Excellence in Neonatology" (1999)
Viagra for blue babies with pulmonary Hypertension was an international invention in BMJ june 2002,which later became recognised as standard therapy for blue babies near death . This low cost drug saved thousands of critical babies in developing countries. May 2002

CPAP bedside application in the newborn 2008 was the first comprehensive book on bedside clinical application in the world . Dr Richard Polin commented " an excellent primer " on CPAP. The second edition sold 1000 copies . This is the first line respiratory assistance device for preterms with breathing difficulty and has saved millions of babies with this simple low cost device

Essentials of neonatal ventilation Rajiv Vidyasagar Satyan 2017

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